About Me

Born in England and raised in America, I became aware of cultural similarities and differences at a young age. I went on to study International Business and French at the University of Oregon. With the opportunity to study abroad in France, I was reintroduced to my European roots.

Through my travels in both Europe and America, I began to notice the reoccurring theme of wine. To me, wine is a further extension of cultural communication and I believe each bottle has the most intriguing, compelling and exciting story to tell.

After tasting wine on two different continents, a true passion for everything travel, food and wine was born. I have since immersed myself in everything wine. I have worked a harvest internship, managed tasting rooms and working on my Sommelier certification.

Ultimately, I enjoy writing about my experiences with wine not just on the tasting notes but centered on the whole occasion. Through participation in a local Wine Club group, I have acquired the nickname, "The Palate" due to my abstract and often obscure descriptions. See the Quick Sips page and you will see. :)

The Wine Key is a collection of my wine reviews, favorite wine quotes and opinions on current events. I invite you to share in all my wine moments. Please feel free share your opinions as well, even if you disagree. I want this blog to be a place for conversation and a center for wine education.