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Being Re-Introduced to Robert Mondavi Wines

Robert Mondavi TastingOk, I'm calling myself out - I've been a wine snob. I know I know, it goes against all of The Wine Key's principles and don't get me wrong, I've always respected Robert Mondavi for his pioneering principles which helped to put Napa Valley and fellow winemakers on an international stage. But throughout the most recent decade, you will have not seen me drinking a bottle bearing his name. (Unless of course it had a vintage from the 1970's on the label).

That was until last week when I was invited to an intimate tasting with winemaker Nova Cadamatre at The Workshop in San Francisco. This small and intimate event was fantastic and you know what, so were the wines. It was a true pleasure to taste through the 2010 vintage and pre-view the 2013. 

Upon arrival, there was a tasting of three Fumé Blancs, one of which was the 2012 Reserve Fumé Blanc ($50) which was very balanced in it's subtle flavors and rich textures. I highly recommend this wine for the remaining weeks of Summer and pairs great with any seafood or appetizers. 

Once seated for our red tasting, Nova Cadamatre, one of the three winemakers at Robert Mondavi, walked us through tasting the: 

  • 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ($28)
  • 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the To Kalon vineyard ($135)
  • 2010 Oakville District Cabernet Sauvignon as from the To Kalon vineyard ($45)

I was impressed with all of the wines in that they didn't hit my over the head with their power but yet were rather complex in all of their flavor profiles and structure. There was some discussion of the alcohol content as the Cabs are close to 15% which is on the higher side, however, I think that is part of what makes a Napa Valley Cabernet distinctive. I believe that as long as the wine can remain in balance with it's fruit flavors, non-fruit flavors and structure without the alcohol smacking you in the face, then not only has a great wine been produced but proves that a "higher" alcohol wine can executed well with the rest of them. 

Winemaker Nova CadamatreWith Winemaker Nova CadamatreLastly, Nova poured a few samples of their 2013 vintage which are coming along nicely. It was definitely much younger and still tight in structure but the overall quality again shined through. It is clear with Nova's background and company culture left behind from the great Robert Mondavi, that high quality winemaking remains a top objective and just because they make more cases than the average winery, have tour buses rolling up on the daily with visitors from around the world, doesn't mean that quality has been compromised. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to have been re-introduced to Robert Mondavi wines which served as a lesson not only to myself, but served as a reminder that snobbery serves no purpose when it comes to wine and that the founding principles of both Robert Mondavi and The Wine Key remain true. 

Have you tried Robert Mondavi wines lately? If so, I would love to hear your opinions. Please share below in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter of Google +



Happy Bastille Day! 

Happy Bastille Day


The Wine Key is Expanding - Announcing New Client Services 

I am thrilled to announce today that The Wine Key is officially growing and excepting new clients for Social Media and Marketing Consulting Services! Here is the official press release:


The Wine Key Now Accepting Clients for Social Media and Marketing Consulting Services

San Francisco, CA. - July 9th, 2014 - The Wine Key today announced new client services focusing on social media strategy implementation and digital marketing efforts. While The Wine Key will still remain focused on consumer wine education, owner Charlotte Chipperfield is looking to expand in order to assist small businesses primarily in the wine and hospitality industries, to utilize and execute digital marketing efforts such as social media and email marketing to engage and connect with current and potential customers.

Social Media and Marketing Consulting“Every business has a unique story and when it comes to communicating each story online, it is vital to define clear goals, remain cohesive with branding, be consistent with engagement and create valuable content to achieve success,” says Chipperfield. The Wine Key offers customized social media and digital marketing consulting packages to help businesses reach this success.

Consulting services range from evaluation of current efforts to full service email marketing and social media execution and management. The Wine Key specializes in: 

  • Email Marketing: ESP set-up, design, templates, segmentation, and reporting

  • Social Media: Content calendar creation, manage strategies, design, engagement and reporting

  • Content Creation: Creating dynamic content and blog posts that are valuable and engaging

With the holiday season only a few months away, Chipperfield feels July is the perfect time to start planning and gearing up for holiday promotions, campaigns and offers and is currently accepting new clients. Attached is a PDF of additional information on services. Feel free to share this information with your readers or clients who may be interested in these services.

To learn more or to hire The Wine Key, please contact Charlotte Chipperfield at or by phone: 415.448.7290.

About The Wine Key

The Wine Key is a consumer wine education & small business social media and marketing consulting business based in San Francisco, California. The Wine Key was founded in 2011 by Charlotte Chipperfield who has over 10 years' experience in the wine industry and hospitality and eight years of experience in brand development, marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Charlotte is also an accomplished sommelier, wine educator, wine writer, wine judge, digital marketing and social media expert as well as having authored the ebook; The Quick Sippy - An Intro to Wine.





5 Tips for Selecting Wedding Wines

Wedding season is in full swing and if your big day is coming up hot, I've put together 5 tips for calculating and selecting the perfect wines to pair with the big day!

Private Wine Events

Here are 5 tips for choosing wines for your special day:

  1. How to calculate the amount of alcohol. Determining if beer and hard alcohol will also be served. This will largely effect how much wine you will need to purchase. Estimate about a bottle per person knowing that some will drink less and some will drink beer or hard alcohol.
  2. Keep the menu in mind. If you are working with a caterer try to finalize the dishes before picking wine. Then choose wines that are easy to drink. Since wine is often used for the cocktail hour, and the dinner entrees which can range from fish, meat or veggie, you don't want to overwhelm the foods with super heavy, rich wines. Pinot Noir or a medium bodied blend can be a great option for this.
  3. Choose one option for each wine. It doesn't matter how many different types of wine you plan to pour, i.e: white, red, rose and sparkling. Choose one of each so guests can easy ask for what they want.
  4. Where to buy the wine. Start by attending tastings at local wine shops to get a feel for the employees tastes, knowledge and inventory. Once you have an idea of what you need and what you like, they can then help to recommend producers based on budget and will set-up a time for you to taste. You can also reach out to specific wineries who may offer case discounts. 
  5. Toast. When it comes to toasting the happy bride and groom, not everyone can afford the finest champagne. Sparkling wines such as Cava or Crements are delicious alternatives.

And don't worry if you have extra wine, it's better to have more than less. Plus, you can always use the extra wine as party favors or as a way to get those last few guests at the end of the night to leave the party ;) 

If you are planning a wedding and don't know where to start with getting delicious wines at your celebration, feel free to email and we can set up a time to chat:  




Wine Book Review - Where I Want to Be

If you are looking for just the right summer read, I've got one for you! I recently read Where I Want to Be by author Cortney Roudbush. Not only is it an honor to call Cortney a friend but this easy reading novel has me begging for the next installment. This is the first novel in her wine country series.

Where I want to BeWhere I Want to Be follows Olivia on her wine country adventure of exploring Napa Valley while experiencing all the comical ups and downs of dating all the while finding her true passion. Its a little Sex and the City meets Napa Valley which is also an experience I can relate to when I first moved to California as a young women to pursue a career in the wine industry. 

Cortney's ability to develop the characters of Olivia, Charlotte, (no, its not me but great name choice!), Kay and Grace, who support Olivia through her experiences and transition is fantastic. This is a great tale of being a young women seeking what is most important while looking for Mr. Right.

This is a great summer read because it is the perfect pool side read but bring the sunscreen as Cortney's writing will have you turning pages till the end to see what happens next. 

I also enjoyed this book because Cortney features actual wineries and wines in Napa so it also doubles as a tasting guide for your next trip to Napa. 

Where I Want to Be is available on Amazon for Kindle and in local Bay Area book stores such as the Corte Madera Book Passage.

Book two is currently in final edits and will be released soon. So grab a lounge chair, a glass and get ready to giggle with Olivia and her friends.

Happy Reading and Santé!