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The Wine Key is now accepting new clients who are seeking social media and/or marketing consultation!

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About The Wine Key

The Wine Key is a consumer wine education & small business social media and marketing consulting business based in San Francisco, California. In other words, making wine less intimidating and enriching lives one sip at a time!  


  1. To create a fun and informative environment that gets back to the basics and demystifies wine.
  2. To enhance the overall wine experience by empowering you to trust your own palates in order to make the best wine decisions for you. 
  3. Establish and drive social media and marketing efforts for small business. 



 “Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of wine!” - Jack B.

Meet Charlotte Chipperfield

A.K.A "The Palate" due to my impeccable ability to describe wine in the most ridiculous yet often accurate manner: "This wine smells like freshly baked cherry pie!" 

I am the Founder and Wine Educator of The Wine Key. I have over 10 years' experience in the Wine Industry and Hospitality. I have worked as a Cellar Rat, (Yep! That's a real job title), Tasting Room Manager, Sommelier, Wine Writer and Wine Judge. Through these experiences, I have seen a disconnect between wine knowledge and the enjoyment of wine. I am seeking to bridge the gap by removing the pretentiousness which only serves to intimidate.

I started The Wine Key because I am on a mission to remove the intimidation and trepidation of learning about wine by breaking down the barriers which mystify the world of wine. Ok, I may have also wanted 99% of my daily activities to center around wine. And no, I don't mean I have a straw attached to a bottle all day... for the record, that only happened once. ;)

When it comes down to it, wine is much more than a beverage. It has been enjoyed for thousands of years and transcends through history, culture, traditions, languages and food. It is a way of understanding where we came from, who we are and where we are going. Wine is a form of communication, expression and a source of utter enjoyment. 

When I'm not writing and teaching about wine, you can find me pouring for Chateau Montelena Winery and working as a Marketing and Social Media Consultant.

I also serves as the Vice President for Women of Wine Sense, San Francisco as well as the Social Media and Marketing Director for Bay Area Young Wine Enthusiasts

And when I'm not drinking copious amounts of wine, I drink vodka, scotch and sometimes sparkling water. I'm also a Cancer, speak French, love to travel and compete in open water swims. 

You can always reach me at

I look forward to connecting and building meaningful wine experiences together!