Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bottle Brolly

The independent kitchen supply store down the street from my house is exactly the china shop a bull should never enter. Think antique store meets Sur La Table. With mountains of strategically stacked china, glassware, cookbooks and an impressive collection of cheese graters, one swift turn will result in shattered goods. If you break it you will be buying it! As usual, I find myself sucking in to pass the old auger oven at the same time as strategically twisting to my right to avoid a stack of iron skillets to reach, but of course, the bar section. Upon reaching the wooden hutch jammed full of corkscrews, wine glasses, martini shakers and finally, I see it: The Bottle Brolly. I did a triple take on this one! Was I reading and seeing this correctly?! This is a joke, right?! Where is the TV crew?!

With no 15 minutes of fame in sight, I decided for the sweet price of $5 I couldn't resist, I had to have this wine gadget! Made by Vinicool, which was based out of Surrey, England and for you non British speakers, a Brolly is what we call an umbrella. In other words, an umbrella for your bottle of wine. As the back label perfectly describes; "Open air parties are such fun but chilled wine and other drinks need to be shaded from the sun. Use the Bottle Brolly with its multi-position swivel/clip to give maximum shade and protection." I very much enjoy a picnic or "open air party" when the San Francisco weather permits, but I'm pretty sure this is the worst wine gadget ever invented. As the company has since dissolved (according to my research), I'm thinking they agree.

Understandably, lugging ice around to keep your whites chilled can be a nuisance and no one wants overly heated reds, but would you really be the person to show up with a bottle size umbrella at your next picnic? As much as this may have been a very proactive product for its time, I'm guessing it is not the most effective way to keep wines at the appropriate temperature. It is however, a great conversation piece and why not give your tasty bottle of wine its own personalized cabana?!

Due to the lack of availability, I am not going to recommend this product but I do recommend you invite me to your next picnic as a good giggle will be had! With all of this being said, if this product was still available, would you use it?

Happy Picnics!
Charlotte :)


  1. Oh what a crack up :)

    How come it didn't make an appearance at our picnic???? Is it a little shy??? :)

    I guess we really didn't need it, the wine disappeared fairly quickly (He! He!)

    Have a lovely Tuesday, T. :)

  2. You say bottle umbrella, I say bottle commando-raid parachute. Sometimes you just have to get those bottles into a picnic undetected!