Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Wine, Please Visit Often.

Just the sight of fine stemware immediately evokes salivating. The anticipation of a complex, cool fluid instantly consumes my thoughts and my entire existence. How is it that a liquid can be so seductive? 

The way you allow me to hold onto the wine, swirling, slurping, aerating and engaging with the liquid before its slips towards the throat is mesmerizing. The pearly whites surrounding me are not big fans of wine, especially the red, it stains. They may think they are more sophisticated hanging on by a root, completely consumed by appearances. They will never truly understand wine the way I do.

The first sip is always the most difficult to bare, I am never sure what to expect. There is so much to decipher and breakdown, I often feel overwhelmed by the experience at first. But then the wine starts to linger, swimming with mystic. It amazes me with its true harmonious, peaceful and honest message. A delicate conversation can always be had with wine, if you are willing to listen.

As the second and third sips flow, I can start to breakdown each individual component. Wine, both red and white, are embodied by a multitude of flavors, each never as it appears.  For example, the sensation of tasting blueberries but not actually chewing on the berries themselves is both a surreal and a refreshing experience. A word to the wise, watch out for the fuzzy sensation or tannins that follow, they bite! 

My only wish is for wine to stay will me longer before the enviable swallow. Such is life, good things come and go, and it’s our job to enjoy them in each moment. Do not wish for it, do not long for it, just enjoy all the good when it does come. But remember, once it leaves, do not linger over its absence, know it will come again, be ready to accept it then.

In the meantime, I will be consuming food, eagerly awaiting the next sip of wine.

Your Mouth

Monday, March 14, 2011

WARNING: Sex in a Bottle may lead to Toasted Dreams

We all know that Mondays can be a drag. Determined to change my mentality in regards to this dreaded working day, I decided to take advantage of 40% off bottles of wine at Maverick, a small, slick and stylish Mission restaurant. Walking in, I was surprised by just how small the restaurant was. Sitting no more than 30 patrons and glowing by candle light, this warm and inviting space was perfect for catching up with a dear friend over a common love of wine.

We decided to get a little adventurous with our palates ordering a new varietal of wine and beef checks, a delicacy which melted in my mouth, officially making me an instant fan of this succulent meat. The Italian blend of Lambrusco, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot was a perfect pairing. Lambrusco comes from the Alto-Adige region in Italy, a northern region known more its white wines with a very small red wine production due to the cooler climate. Lambrusco presents itself similar to a Cab Franc making it an excellent blending grape. Overall, the wine was very medium in body but complex in flavors paring with everything we ate, including the endive salad, crab puffs and of course the beef cheeks.

The real gem of the evening, however, was dessert. Like many, wine geeks, I prefer to drink my dessert. With only a couple of options to choose from, we settled on the Cossart Gordon 5 year Maderia. A little apprehensive upon the first sip, as one might have been before loosing one's virginity, I found myself giving into the experience. Whatever I had just sipped was making love to my mouth! Upon the second and third sip, I knew I was falling in love. This was sex in a bottle.

The flavor profile was complex, tantalizing and very intriguing. At first you are hit with toasted pecans followed by a weightiness that coats your tongue and teeth, (this may be attributed to the 19% alcohol but lets pretend I didn't see that on the label ;)) The toasted pecans were complimented by candied orange peels and caramel. The finish lasted for what seemed like hours! I will confess, I didn't even brush my teeth before going to bed because the flavors continued to change and develop long after I was cozy in my pj's, cuddling with toasted dreams of pecans pie drizzled with an orange glaze.

Charlotte :)