Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wine Review: 2008 RoxyAnn Syrah

Syrah is one of my favorite grape varieties. I always find myself getting lost in its complexity. Drinking Syrah is a seductive and memorizing process, it's like waiting for a rose to blossom. It can't be rushed, the temperature has to be just right and it needs time to come into its own before you can truly respect its beauty. As I popped the cork on a 2008 RoxyAnn Syrah, I knew I was in for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

RoxyAnn winery is located in the Rogue Valley Oregon. Founded in 2002, the winery has made a commitment to producing high-quality and complex wines. RoxyAnn is also committed to sustainable agriculture and is a part of the LIVE Organization, (Low Impact Viticulture and Enology.) The vineyards are located on the Roxy Ann Peak. The combination of limestone/clay soils with ideal sun exposure, makes this vineyard ideal for growing varietals such as Syrah.

As I began to swirl this Syrah in my glass, I was memorized by the color, a weighty, deep intense purple. The nose was layered with blueberries, raspberries, honey, baking spices and concentrated plum. On the palate I was overwhelmed with blueberries...overwhelmed in the best possible way, blueberries are my favorite berry! I had a hard time getting passed the blueberry flavors at first but I knew to give it some time and the wine would open up just like a flower. After some time, I was still getting a lot of blueberry but it was now layered with cinnamon and coffee. It honestly was like drinking a blueberry coffeecake! I have never tasted a Syrah like this and could not get enough! It had an excellent, well balanced structure with a finish that lasted for hours and solid tannins. I think this wine could be aged for 5-10 years with ease. I would recommend this Syrah with pork chops and apple chutney. The chutney will balance and compliment the wine's fruit and spice characteristics while the weight and tannins will stand up to the meatiness. Be sure to save some wine for after the meal to watch it evolve and become dessert in itself! Retails for around $25.


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