Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Agate Ridge Wine Contest

Agate Ridge Winery located in the Rogue Valley, Oregon was established in 2001. They are currently holding a Change the World Wine Contest. Contestants can enter by writing a short essay about how they would change the world with 1 case of wine. The winner is determined by number of public votes. The winner will receive 2 cases of Agate Ridge wine, 1 to change the world with and 1 to celebrate changing the world.

Below is my entry you can also read it here on the official site. Be sure to vote for your favorite or enter the contest yourself...just be sure to share the winnings! ;) To vote for your favorite entry visit the official contest site.

Reinstall Hope to the Unemployed

With a mixed case of Agate Ridge wine and a mission to change the world, I would host an educational wine tasting event. This will not be your ordinary wine tasting. There will be multiple stations of wine and food, each featuring a fun ice-breaker game for guests to get to know each other and network. The food will be decadent and provided by local and sustainable restaurants. Who are the guests you ask? First, I would invite 20 people who have been hard hit by unemployment. Then, I would invite 20 top executives and HR directors who are currently hiring. Throughout the evening, employers and potential employees will learn about wine while getting to know each other. My goal is to not only reinstall hope to those who have been discourage looking for work but to give these individuals a fun and decadent evening to enjoy. My ultimate goal, by the end of the evening, is for each formally unemployed individual to be paired with their new employer. By providing a fun, informative food and wine experience, I hope to reinstall hope for the future and help to change the world just a little bit, for the better.


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