Monday, May 31, 2010


Braving the monsoon rains, I found myself belly up to the bar at Winestock. A fantastic neighborhood wine bar nestled in the historic downtown of Oregon City, Oregon. With a sleek decor and plenty of tables and couches to relax, this is an ideal location for a leisurely wine tasting experience. Surrounded by wine racks filled with wine from around the world and whimsical candle light, you feel as if you have been invited into a collector's private cellar.

Every Thursday evening, Winestock offers themed tasting flights. This particular week was a choice of 5 wines for $10. I felt like a kid in a candy shop! With an excellent glass selection to satisfy any palate, choosing just 5 seemed impossible, so we tried 10! I have highlighted the three which really stood out to me. The full list of additional wines tasted is below.

  • Tintero, Grangia, Favorita Piedmont Italy NV. The grape is Grangia, a native Italian varietal. I was very intrigued since I had never tried this grape variety before. It is also worth noting the 'NV' or non-vintage, meaning it is most likely a blend from more than one vintage or year. If Sauvignon Blanc, Arneis and Albranio had a baby...Grangia would be it's name! This white wine is crisp, light on the palate and very refreshing. It tasted of minerals, grass and bright bursts of citrus. Medium acid structure with a soft finish. A perfect accompaniment to salads or light appetizers such as scallops. This wine reminds me of summer! Priced at $12. 
  • 2008 Deux Fen Estates Pinot Noir, Yamhill Valley. This wine was a real treat and my favorite wine of the night. A local producer with its production facilities a stones throw away from Winestock,  I was completely captivated with the aromas alone. Almost too good to drink...almost! A very fruit forward wine with aromas of bright cherry, blackberry, slight earliness, nutmeg, cinnamon with a fresh floral component. On the palate, there were layers of flavors. I got lots of floral to start, then by a burst of fruit, finishing long with fairly light tannins. This wine resembles a best friend, someone you can sit with for hours, it's comforting, familiar and a great story teller! Priced at $25. 
  • Quinto Do Infantado 10 year old Tawny Porto. This producer has been producing port since 1816 and man do they know what they are doing! Port is a fortified wine, generally with an alcohol percentage around 20%. It is a beverage I enjoy once and while and have recently been tasting more and more. Cheese and port is a classic pairing and a great way to finish a meal. This Tawny Port was brick red/brown in colour, had a bold noise full of raisins and nuts. On the palate, lots of dried dark fruits such as plum and raisins, lots of nutty characteristics, a touch of sweetness, big bold finish. I highly recommend pairing with blue cheese or a cheese with a nutty characteristic.  Priced at ~ $40.
Here is the list of the additional wines tasted. If you are interested in reading my tasting notes/comments on these wines please e-mail me :
  1. Veuve Du Vernay, Blanc du Blanc, France Brut NV (Sparkling)
  2. 2008 Phelps Creek Pinot Noir Rosé, Columbia Gorge, Oregon
  3. 2009 Evesham Wood Chardonnay, Willamette Valley, Oregon $12
  4. 2009 Illahe Vineyards Viognier, Willamette Valley, Oregon $16
  5. 2006 Montoya Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California $18
  6. 2008 Owen Roe, Abbot's Table, 24% Zinfandel, 22% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Syrah, 10% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc, 6% Blaufrankish, 4% Malbec, Columbia Valley, Oregon 
Next week at Winestock: Tempranillo and Cava! 


  1. Cheers, love the photos. Meet you there soon, T. :)

  2. Thank you Charlotte. Not only am I thrilled about your review of Winestock but your wine writing and descriptions are fabulous. I will continue to read your blog. Cheers~Sarrah, Winestock