Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crushpad is Moving :(

Crushpad is a custom crush winery located in San Francisco...well, not for much longer. They have decided to move their operations to Napa. As a San Franciscan, I am upset. By moving to Napa, I feel Crushpad is just becoming another winery, on an already long list, of over 500 wineries located in Napa. What has always made Crushpad unique is allowing the 'average Joe,' who lives in the city, the ability to make their own wine. It was also an opportunity for fellow 'winos,' like me, to get our winery fix without driving an hour to wine country.

Crushpad also hosted some amazing wine events at their warehouse in the Dog Patch neighborhood of San Francisco. One of the most memorable was a reenactment of the 1976 Paris tasting followed by the premier of the movie Bottle Shock, (about 1976 tasting,) where the directors came to talk about the film. Due to the move, these kind of events will no longer take place due to limited space. However, smaller classes on blending and tasting will still be offered.

What is motivating this move? Crushpad wants to be closer to their vineyards. I do understand there must be a heavy cost in trucking grapes to the city, as their client enrollment continues to increase. But for a group of friends living in San Francisco, who came together to create a barrel of wine for home consumption, who want to be swing by the warehouse and taste their wine before heading out to dinner, can no longer have this luxury. I wonder if their clientele will change and if this is a worthwhile move. The majority of people who live in Napa are either making wine at existing custom crush facility or at home. In addition, the large majority of San Franciscans do not have cars, like myself. The motivation to head up north only comes after significant planning and organizing. It will be interesting to see if and how Crushpad changes. Will it be worth leaving your SF winos thirsty for more?


  1. Thanks for reading my blog dear! Now that I know of yours I will be stopping by more often! :) I have another friend that is in the wine biz, I will start forwarding the invites she sends on facebook to you. You ladies should meet! She is a older lady but still really youthful and fun!

  2. Thank you for reading my blog as well! I would love to meet your friend! Any one that loves wine is a friend of mine! Hope to see you soon!