Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Detour: Single Malt Scotch

Yes, this is a Wine Blog but from time to time, I will find liquor and cocktails worth mentioning. For instance, last night, I had the privilege of tasting The Dalmore, King Alexander III Single Malt Highland Scotch. It retails between $220-$250, well worth the hefty price tag.

Matured in 6 different casks including French wine casks, Maderia drums, sherry butts from Jerez, Scilian marsala barrels, port pipes from Douro and bourbon barrels from Kentucky, this scotch leaves you feeling warm and comforted. On the palate there is a little peat, citrus, vanilla and finishes exceptionally smooth.

Most definitely one of the best single malt Scotches I have ever tried. Time to start saving!

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